A downloadable game for Linux

Fly your rock around and try and gain mass by bumping into things of a similar mass to you, watch out though some things are beyond your grasp until you grow enough.

This is the start of an ambient game, it needs a lot of love but it gets the idea across.

- at least GL 3.3
- sdl2 (libsdl2-2.0-0)
- sdl2-mixer (libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0)
- libdevil (libdevil1c2 or libdevil-dev on debian)

This thing does no batching or culling and so kicks off stupid numbers of draw calls. Sorry about that, I spent too much time wrestling with some bugs to fix that.

Made by Baggers and Holly

Install instructions

The bin is linux only tonight, I'll upload a windows one tomorrow. OSX will come when I'm back home and have a Mac on hand

Building from source is a pain for the next two days as I need to merge all the dev branches of various repos to master. After that it will be explained here


vacuum.tar.gz 30 MB