A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

First entry for the lisp gamejam.


Player-1: WASD + Tab (or gamepad 1)

Player-2: Arrow Keys + Space

c - stop music screen-shake

escape - quit

j - jump to next level

Making Levels

The text files in the 'levels' directory describe the levels, play around and add you own :)

Install instructions

Just extract and run the exe. 64bit only as it's all I could do in time.

On linux you will need libsndio, libvorbis & libvorbisfile installed

You will need a gpu supporting at least GL4.3


bombing-chap-lin64.zip 22 MB
bombing-chap-win64.zip 25 MB

Development log


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Ol' memories ! :)

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Hmmm seems to be having a bit of an issue on my Linux Mint system:


Pastebin of error log

Damn, seems to be some dependencies missing. I expect libsndio, libvorbis and libvorbisfile. I gotta get some sleep though so this'll have to wait for now :(