A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The only goal is to see how long you can survive

You control a spaceship and you must protect the Orb, and yourself.

Walls of energy with slide across the screen, they are either red, green or blue and will destroy the ship or orb on contact unless you are the same color as the wall.

You can cycle the colors of the Orb & ship with the 'space' key or gamepad shoulder buttons.

The color of the orb is always out of sync from the ship.

When the ship is red the orb is green, when the ship is green the orb is blue, when the ship is blue the orb is red.

Every so often a missile will fly relentlessly towards the Orb. Shoot it down using the left 'shift' key or the right gamepad trigger.

Flight is controlled with the arrow keys or left analog stick.

Good luck

Dont forget to post your best times :)


I had originally wanted to control the ships movement independently from its direction but I had issues with controller mappings. If you want to try then out press the 'c' key to enable the (probably broken) alternate controls and 'c' again to switch back.


orb-win64.zip 27 MB
orb-1-lin64.zip 24 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run. On linux you will need libsndio, libvorbis & libvorbisfile installed

You will need a gpu supporting at least GL4.3

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